Upright Freezer Racks

Upright Freezer Racks

Maximize storage in your upright freezers with our stainless steel upright freezer racks. Upright freezer racks can be made to fit any size and type of storage box and divider, 96 and 384 microwell or microtiter plate boxes, microtube boxes or any specialty hinged top boxes, etc. combination. Customize to the exact dimensions that meet your freezer space and the exact spacing of your sample boxes, microwell plates or microtube boxes, etc.

Upright Freezer Racks are available in multiple styles and sizes to fit your specific storage needs.


Standard 2" Box

Like all our products we have a wide range and flexible variety of Freezer racks than can fit any size. Check out our range of Racks for 2" boxes below.

Standard 3" Box

Brooklyn Tool has the best range of flexible Upright Freezer racks that can be used for any size box. Below is a range suitable for 3" boxes.

Standard 3.5" Box

Flexibility is key to all we do at Brooklyn Tool. We cover a variety of sized racks to be used in your boxes. We have a range of products suitable for 3.5" boxes, just one click away!

Standard 3.75" Box

We know that one size does not fill all in your lab and workstations. Therefore, we have a range of solutions to suite you. View our range of racks for 3.75" boxes below.

Standard 4" Box

Whether it is a 2' box of a 5.75" box you need, Brooklyn Tool has you covers for all your Racks needs. View our full range of Racks for your 4" Box here.  

Standard 4.75" Box

Brooklyn Tool has the best quality products for you, made with care in the Mid-West. View our full range of Racks for a Standard 4.75" box now.

Standard 5.75" Box

Brooklyn Tool has a full range of racks to suit every need you will have. We have solutions for a very large range of boxes. View the full range of products for the Standard 5.75" box below.