UFD 4-2-4 Sliding Drawer Rack

15.000 LBS
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Product Overview

4-2-4 Sliding drawer racks (upright freezer drawer racks) are made to fit 4-inch boxes, 4 deep by 2 high.
Our Sliding Drawer Racks are made from stainless steel for strength, safety, durability, and cleanliness.
Approximate dimensions: 5.54" Wide x 22.25" Long x 9.425" High (if solid Top is requested). Approximate height with no solid top, to the top of the 4" box nested in the top drawer is approximately 9" tall (depending on box being used). 

*If solid top is required on the outside holder, cost per rack is an additional $10.00 each.  
Approximate weight: 8 lbs.