Choosing the Appropriate Canisters/Frames

Choosing the Appropriate Canister/Frame

1. Identify the Storage Unit that you are going to use (e.g., CryoPlus 3/Model 7404).
2. Choose the Bag Type you are using (e.g., Gambro DF-200, Baxter/Fenwal 9953).
3. Note the quantity of Canisters and Frames required for maximum capacity.
4. Find the Description and Part Number information, and note the part number(s) that correlates to the frames, dividers, canisters, etc. that can be used with the tank size.
5. If you need help, identifying this information, contact us.

All standard Baxter/Fenwal canisters are available and listed. In addition, all CryoMACS, Origen, Gambro, Medsep, and Chartermed sizes can be manufactured, as well as all non-conforming 5 ½” tall canister and 5 ½” spaced frames. Please go to Custom for a quote.


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