7-4.125 Stainless Steel Vertical Rack

11.000 LBS
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Product Overview

7-4.125 vertical stainless steel rack holds 7 standard 4.125" boxes.


Vertical Freezer Racks help you store your cryo products in a secure and efficient way. 7-4.125 cryo racks are made from stainless steel for safety, durability, and cleanliness.

•Made from .024 stainless steel. Outside rack dimensions are approximately 5.56" wide x 5.56" deep x 30.24" to the top of the wire handle.

•Inside dimensions per space are approximately 5.43" wide x 5.52" deep x 3.875" high.

•Rack will fit all 3.75" standard boxes and comes with a locking rod. Numbers, engraving, and spring clips are optional add-ons.

Approximate weight: 3.61 lbs.